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Hi all I have an off lease hp laptop that is running Windows 7 that I can\’t get windows update to work which is preventing me from installing a program I want. The laptop has a 180GB ssd hard drive and has hp drivelock enabled and I don\’t know the master password. However I do know the password to boot into the os and can use windows but I was contemplating on just buying a 240gb drive and starting with a fresh install and abandoning the current hard drive. However the RFD\’er in me wants to see if I can save on buying the new hard drive and reinstall windows on the current one instead. But I believe that since the drive has drivelock on it and since it was a corporate machine it won\’t be easy and I will encounter problems. Looking for computers experts to chime what would you do thanks!

Can you asked the seller to provide you the master password? The other option is to remove the hdd and plug to portable case or insert to a pc and reformat from there. Then plug it back again. I assume that you still have serial number of windows 7

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