News Article Posting Guidelines

Posting News Article Guidelines:
Click on the New Thread button to post a new news article.

2) The news article must be tech and/or Windows 10 related without any spam.

3) If the news article is from another website, then it cannot be copied completely here. That would be considered plagiarism. Instead, it will need to presented in a teaser format with the same title, usually only the first paragraph of the article within a quote box, and a source link to that website\’s article included in your post as a "Read more: (link)" at the bottom.

4) Use the same title as the source news article.

5) Do not include personal comments in the new article post. Instead, use a separate reply post to do so.

6) Only post questions or comments about a news article in that news article\’s thread. Posting a question as a new thread in the News forum is not allowed. That is what the other forums are for.

7) Before posting, try doing a keyword or visual search for the article, or same subject. Chances are that it\’s already been posted.

Note   Note New members will not be able to post a new thread in the News forum.

Only members with the badge and above will be able to.

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The Ten Forums Team 🙂

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