New Windows Terminal Preview v1.11.2731.0 for Windows 10 – Oct. 4

This release brings some assorted top-hitting bug fixes into the preview channel from the main development trunk.

There\’s also a breaking change included here to ensure our consistency as we move into 1.12. We were alerted that the terminology "tray" is inappropriate for Taskbar Notification Area. This means that the minimizeToTray setting is now the minimzeToNotificationArea setting and the alwaysShowTrayIcon setting is now the alwaysShowNotificationIcon setting. There is no automatic migration of these settings as this terminology was only ever used in preview channel. Preview users will have to fix their settings files manually. (#11219)

Bug Fixes


  • Resolves hang on launch for Windows Server 2022 (and similar client Windows versions) when tablet input keyboard is activated (#11312)
  • Selecting text in the terminal while Narrator is open will no longer hang (#11386)


  • Fix KeyChord constructor assertion failure during tab dragging (#11306)

Terminal Emulation

  • Fixes alignment of the mouse coordinates when the viewport is scrolled for all events, not just mouse button pressed event. (#11290)

User Interface

  • Clear selection on paste (#11286) (thanks @serd2011!)

JSON Settings

  • Fix serialisation of findMatch action to persist the direction (#11233) (thanks @ianjoneill!)

Source: Release Windows Terminal Preview v1.11.2731.0 . microsoft/terminal . GitHub

Download from Microsoft Store:

Add \’Open in Windows Terminal\’ expandable context menu in Windows 10

Add or Remove \’Open in Windows Terminal as administrator\’ context menu

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