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after a few months of debating I decided to dump my imac and go back to a PC. Built the followingFractal Design CaseEVGA 850 Modular PS7700KCoolermaster 212Gigabyte 270 Board16 DD4r 2400 (32 ordered but one 16 gig stick defective waiting on another)Asus 1070 (The big one)Samsung EVO SSDAsus 28\” 4k GM28UQ Gaming MonitorAll I can say is WOW. I can\’t believe how fast Windows 10 is on a SSD Machine – I mean the boot time is non existent the Speed is amazing. I am very happy with the build. Not much of a gamer any more but would like to test this sucker out.What should I use to benchmark??

Depends on what you want to benchmarkCrystaldisk Unigen Heaven PCMarkGeekbenchCinebenchFurmarkEtc…

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