New Office Insider Current Channel v2110 build 14527.20268 – Nov. 5 Office

UPDATE 11/10: New Office Insider Current Channel v2111 build 14701.20060 – Nov. 10

Version 2110 (Build 14527.20268)

Feature updates


  • Excel 4.0 (XLM) Macros disabled by default: Excel 4.0 macros (XLM) will be disabled by default for users who do not have a group policy configuration in place or who have not yet configured XLM macro settings in the Excel Trust Center.

Resolved issues


  • When opening linked tables to Dynamics, numbers may appear as small squares when the data is displayed. To work around this issue, open the link in Table Design view, and clear the Format property for any affected columns.


  • We fixed an issue where sending mail by right clicking and selecting "Send Mail" from the file system caused explorer.exe to close unexpectedly on VDI machines.


  • Fixed an issue where when tasks are rescheduled in Project, manually scheduled tasks may be scheduled earlier than they should be.


  • Office Insiders

Latest Office Updates for Windows

Change the update channel after you enable Office 365 clients to receive updates from Configuration Manager

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