New Office Insider Beta Channel v2111 build 14701.20014 – Nov. 5 Office

UPDATE 11/10: New Office Insider Beta Channel v2112 build 14706.20000 – Nov. 10

Version 2111 (Build 14630.20000)

Feature updates


  • PowerPoint Accessibility Ribbon: Making your presentation accessible to people with disabilities requires knowledge, compassion, and special tools. The new Accessibility ribbon in PowerPoint helps you accomplish this by bringing all the tools you need together in one place.

Resolved issues


  • We fixed an issue where the original icon of the app was not displaying correctly if the source file was from a OneDrive location and the file name contained HTML encoding characters when adding an Excel, Word, or PowerPoint embedded object into an Excel file.
  • We fixed an issue where apply name for defined name wasn\’t working for dynamic array.
  • We fixed an issue where the text in an Excel cell cannot be seen in live preview under certain conditions.
  • We fixed an issue where switching sheets may cause the sheet tabs to not display properly.
  • We fixed a visual glitch when clicking and dragging to select a range of cells.


  • We fixed an issue where the calendar experienced problems when doing a full sync.
  • We fixed an issue where saving Outlook messages to a SharePoint document library would generate an error, due to an Internet connectivity test.
  • We fixed an LDAP Address Book search error generated when there were two LDAP Address Books from different domains.


  • We fixed an issue where a Save As operation with AutoSave off saved the changes to the original cloud file rather than creating a new version.


  • We fixed an issue where paste links weren\’t updating as information in the project changed.


  • We fixed an issue where writing a comment that mixes language directions (like English and Hebrew) resulted in the word order appearing incorrectly.
  • We fixed an issue with large URLs where a link could not be opened if its length exceeded a specific character limit.
  • We fixed an issue of a persisting zoom level when relaunching and opening documents saved at different zoom levels.
  • We fixed an issue related to page width when closing the comments pane with page width zoom selected.
  • We fixed an issue where anchor highlights aren\’t removed from a modern comment when the cursor moves off of it.
  • We fixed an issue where Word goes unresponsive when selecting and right-clicking a content control locked against deletion.

Office Suite

  • We fixed an issue where Excel was unable to open a workbook saved from a workbook opened with Application Guard.


  • Office Insiders

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