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My 5 yr old Seagate 1TB is dying. I bought a Seagate 2TB from BB. Installed it using my DVD drive sata cable (didn\’t have an extra hdd sata)CMOS recognized it fine but Windows Disk Manager won\’t recognized it.I wanted to partition and format it so I can clone my old drive before it dies.I tried using different connections on the MB (sata3-0, sata3-1, sata2-2, sata2-3 etc…) and windows still won\’t display my new drive.Is the DVD drive sata cable the same as hdd sata cables ?They look the same and fits fine.Please let me know what I can do or try.Thanks.

So the drive doesn\’t appear in disk manager even as an uninitialised drive? Boot from a windows 7/8/10 usb drive and use diskpart to partition and format the new drive?Maybe there is a bios setting to change?

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