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1. I just replaced my computer by taking a hard drive out of the current one and placed it in a newer one. Now Microsoft won\’t activate despite my previous one was a purchase of Windows 8 pro from Microsoft. Is there any way I could activate it without buying a new key? 2. I accidentally installed 32-bit version before. Now despite I have 8GB, the boot up windows 10 said only 1.8GB is usable (intel NUC). I am not sure why not 3.2GB like my previous PC. Is it possible to install 64 bit now and migrate the current non-windows software over without reinstalling them?

If both computers had a digital license for the same version (pro or home), moving s drive from one machine to the other may work. I have done this with my own computers (laptop to desktop) without a problem.You cannot upgrade from x86 to x64 without a clean install.

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