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I took my SSD from the current working computer and installed it on a new computer (different CPU, motherboard, etc) and was hoping Windows 10 can fix all the differences for me. Well they did some fixing but when it restarted, It had error about inaccessible_boot_device. I put the SSD back to the old computer and it worked fine. I then decided to clone the drive and install the new cloned drive on my new computer. Well, exact same thing happened. It first tried to do some fixing then after it rebooted, the same error of inaccessible_boot_device appeared. I can reinstall Windows 10 from scratch (tried with my cloned disk) no problem, so I know it\’s nothing to do with the new hardware. Anyone has any clue to thia problem? TIA

You could try removing/switching the specific hard disk controllers in Device Manager before rebooting, and then installing the ssd in the new system. … reinstall/It can work for some and not for other instances.

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