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Been reading reviews on VPS hosting. Seems lots of voices are coming from paid agents of some VPS provider.Basically I need a windows VPS, running some version of Microsoft Windows Server (2016/2019) where I will be installing SQL Server and host websites, run apps etc. I know I can run SQL Server also on some versions of Linux distro but ideally Windows Server would be much preferred.Anything around 2/4/8GB RAM 2/4 Cores 40/60/100GB SSD is solid for me.I can find prices like $1 month to like $50 and above. Would ideally get top 3 recommended companies, reputable enough to deal with. One thing I cannot afford is loss of data. So any issue provider wiping up my server and bridging it alive would be totally disastrous.Please suggest few decent companies to deal with.

What location do you need it to be ?

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