Navigate Windows 8 like a pro with the Windows Key

Greg Shultz shares some very useful keyboard shortcuts involving the Windows key that can help you navigate Windows 8.

We all know that Microsoft Windows 8, with its Metro user interface, is primarily designed for use on a touch-screen tablet. However, Microsoft has said that they also had the mouse and keyboard user in mind when they reimagined the operating system. While using Windows 8 in a touch paradigm will take some getting used to, it will probably be easier than getting used to navigating Windows 8 with a mouse and keyboard — regardless of what the folks at Microsoft say.

As one who has been working with Windows 8 on a desktop system, I can definitely attest to that. Sure there are all kinds of nice features in Windows 8 that are intended to make it easy to use a mouse and keyboard — I don\’t deny that — but the problem is that they are essentially in unfamiliar territory.

All over again

When I first began working with Microsoft Windows 8, I definitely had déjà vu moments where I felt like I was back in 1987 fumbling around with my first mouse — a boxy Logitech model C7 with serial connector, which I still have in a box somewhere. It was tricky in the beginning, but after playing Reversi in Windows 2.0 for hours on end I finally got the hang of it.

Of course, using a mouse and keyboard in Windows 8 isn\’t as nearly as troublesome as back then, but it is still tricky. However, time and perseverance have paid off and I\’ve adapted — the nuances associated with Windows 8\’s mouse and keyboard tricks are slowly but surely becoming second nature.

One set of keyboard tricks that I\’ve found extremely useful in Windows 8 revolve around the Windows key. Over time Microsoft has added more and more features to the operating system that make use of the Windows key, and Windows 8 is no exception. Of course, the majority of the Windows key shortcuts that were found in previous versions of Windows still exist in Windows 8. However, there are several new Windows key shortcuts designed specifically for Windows 8.

In this edition of the Windows Desktop Report, I\’m going to share some of the Windows key tricks I have found most useful in Windows 8.

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