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I have a single tower hooked to two monitors and a TV. Standard keyboard & mouse setup at the desk, with a separate media keyboard next to the couch along with a game controller. Sometimes I want to work using the monitors while my girlfriend watches TV or plays a game. Right now I have to have all 3 active under my login and play the file/streaming service/game/whatever on the TV using volume levels set to match that output. I\’d like to be able to have these two use cases separated, so I can work under my login using the monitors using a dual screen logical setup, and she can use her own login on the TV with a single-screen logical setup.Is there a way for two users to use the same tower in separate instances at the same time? I know if we had a second computer hooked to the TV she could use it for games, TV watching, etc using files stored on this tower, but that seems like a waste given the hardware in this tower is more than powerful enough to run all the screens at once. What would I need to share a single tower between two separate users entirely isolated from each other like this?

I don’t think it’s possible to split the monitor and the TV under two different logins on the same computerYou can run two accounts using Remote Desktop by patching termsrv.dll, but you cannot split the screens between the two users. The only other way I can think you can accomplish this is by setting up virtual machines (VM) and dedicating specific hard ware (Monitor) to the VM

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