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As stated in the title, when I go to tools optimize tab for my ssd, windows report optimization is not available. Query disabledeletenotify returns a 0 value, so trim is enabled. I found online the need to have startoverride dword value in storahci set to 0. It was default to 3. However, when I change the value to 0 and reboot, it goes back to 3. I am at a total loss why this dword value keeps on reverting back to 3 following reboot. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. BTW, the bios is set to ahci, not IDE.

I rolled back my Intel Raid Controller on X99 too as the 3 disk Raid Array was no longer being Optimised … Not a SSD\’s though but no help , at least no one step back , the same Array on 1511 on X58 MB is OK though….It does not appear that Weekly scheduling is working , since on 1511 it shows 18 days since last done and on 1607 21 days since done.

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