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Hi there,Hope someone can help.I did a fresh install of windows 8.1I created a local account \”USER\” (which was a local administrator). All was fine.Then I added a domain to the computer in order to connect to the network of my institutionby performing a login under \”DOMAIN\\USER\” Following that, any change I tried to make (install program, modifiy the config) was asking for an admistrator right.I understand that under the domain, I may have restricted rights, but I dont understand why my local account (\”.\\USER\”)turned into a GUEST account and now I can no longer do any of those changes.SO my question is: is there a way to re-gain administrative rights ? (trying to play with user accounts ASKS me to be an administrator so I need another option….)

This sounds like the domain group policy might be locking things down. Might be best to speak to your institutions IT about it.

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