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Hi team,Its time for the wife to get a new Windows laptop (school requirement) and was hoping some people here could give me some advice. Requirements13-14\” good quality screenIntel i5 dual core8gb ramssd (128gb+)good battery lifegood durable design (thin and light)Something basic performance wise but with good design. Not looking to pay extra for touch screen, 2in1, dedicated video (no gaming) so any suggestions can be absent of these unless it\’s a good deal. Would like to try to keep it to $1200 if possible. Thanks for any suggestions!

Dedicated video card and light and under $1200. I\’m going on a whim and say that you can only choose two of those three. Although you do not need a dedicated video card if you aren\’t gaming anyways. School work will primarily be cpu bound, unless you are cracking passwords or other rare instances. My advice is to check the Canadian Microsoft store as those laptops are the best laptops for their price point (also latest and last generations) and you can get a %10 student discount. You can browse online, free shipping or go into a brick and mortor store as well. You are most likely going to find all the options you wanted, minus/maybe the dedicated video card for under $1200

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