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I\’m looking for a replacement for my 9 year old Lenovo ThinkPad which getting old and heating up. I want to edit photos but need more RAM (8GB maxed out now) and a better video card.I use a second screen for work, and for this purpose it actually still works ok. I\’d like 16GB, 500GB – 1TB SSD, a quality build, light enough to travel, 14-15\”, preferably slim. I don\’t care which brand, as long as it\’s Windows. I know this leaves it pretty open, so what can I get for $12-1500 that will last?I\’d consider a business machine or a gaming machine, I don\’t care too much what it looks like. Function over form in this instance!Thanks!

I\’m not sure if you can get something suitable for photo editing for $1500. The industry has chosen to make laptops at that price point unusable for graphics work by only selling screens with extremely limited color gamuts. The bare minimum for photo editing is 100% sRGB coverage but every laptop I\’ve seen lately for under $2000 offers 75% sRGB or worse, meaning that the screens can\’t display dark reds or dark blues. Worse, the manufacturers have largely stopped publishing color gamut specifications, so you have no idea what you\’re buying until you turn it on and discover that reds look pink.If photo editing is essential for you, you probably will need something like an up-configured Dell Precision 3550 or an Asus Zenbook Pro, at a price point of $2000-$3000.

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