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I want to run a VM on Windows 10, with Hyper-V I guess but if Linux VMs work better another free VM software I will use it. All I will do inside this VM is some web browsing with a few dozen tabs open, and very light FTP usage.Which Linux would work well inside a VM for this case with the lowest RAM usage?For comparison I\’m currently doing this with a 4GB Raspberry Pi 4 running Raspberry Pi OS, viewing/controlling over VNC. I think the RPi4 performance is sufficient but the VNC makes it a bit annoying.

There won\’t be too much difference between different Linux distros or desktop environments, in large part because a few dozen browser tabs will use far more RAM than the OS will. The OS and desktop environment will use under a GB, but a few dozen tabs will take multiple GB easily.That said, KDE does use a few hundred MB less than Gnome, so if you are very memory constrained, use Kubuntu or Opensuse Leap with KDE.Expect to allocate at least 2.5GB, and preferably 4 GB, to the VM. The host will need at least 8 GB of physical RAM installed.

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