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I have very little experience with pre-built computers, this is the first in a long time, is there any reason to keep the Dell software installed? Driver updates or something?My instinct is to completely wipe and just install a fresh vanilla Windows of my own, but again I am way out of date on pre-built best practices, maybe people just remove what they don\’t like? Something I can say already, within the first like 30 minutes of playing with it post Windows setup, I\’ve seen a McAfee ad popup at least twice, seems like it could get pretty annoying especially when it\’s huge and it happens right over a video.I also have no experience with Windows Home edition, only Pro, any important differences? I searched of course but often people can point out things you don\’t always discover when researching.If I install the same edition of Windows, Home, would the new one just auto activate since the hardware hasn\’t changed?EDIT: Forgot to mention, Windows forced me to create an online account to complete installation, and it wouldn\’t even let me use my usual dummy domain, it refused saying I need to use a personal email not work or school, can\’t believe how picky it was. I read there\’s workarounds like no internet or fake phone number, but the reason I bring it up is because my Pro installations, even very recently, have always had that offline account option. Is this a Home vs Pro thing or is it some kinda Dell modification?

For the pre-installed software, I\’d just manually uninstall them.I\’d remove most of the Dell software, including the software update tools, help and support, product registration, support assist, etc. Windows Update does a decent job with driver updates. You can manually download other updates from their support page.Dell\’s software update tool had security issues earlier this year.McAfee should be removed. Make sure Windows Defender is enabled in settings afterwards.There\’s some differences between home and pro, mostly affecting additional configuration settings and business-related features.For simple home use, it wouldn\’t really affect most people. can upgrade from within windows, but I think the cost was a bit over $100 CAD.If you\’re planning to do a fresh install anyways and have an old Windows 7 pro computer lying around, you could try to use the key, but it\’s a legal gray area.Installing the same version of Windows should auto-activate. The account requirement came with one of Window\’s major updates and home/pro doesn\’t matter.The only way around it is to disconnect the computer from the internet, before starting the setup process.

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