Is response to custom hotkeys much slower on 11 than 10?

@TraderGaryGary,My question for this thread deals only with custom-made hotkey combinations. The native Windows hotkeys work just as well on 11 as on 10, I agree.All of my W11 custom hotkeys are made without any app. If you create a shortcut to the .exe of one of your programs, then right-click the shortcut and choose Properties, you\’ll find a space with "None" in it, and the words "Shortcut key:" beside it. If you press Ctrl and Alt, you\’ll see them in that space, and you then just type a letter or number or F-key of your choice, and click Apply and OK. Now you have a custom-made hotkey.One caveat: if your choice is already in use by Windows, the space won\’t accept your choice of letter or number.Dan

OK, I looked at your post, and came away with one question: what in the world was that responder (post #2) on about????

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