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I think that were are going to see a lot more virus after this leakInternal builds and source code for Windows 10 revealed in massive 32TB leakIn what may prove to be a massive cybersecurity hazard in the long run, a large amount of internal Microsoft data about Windows 10 has been leaked online.The files, found on BetaArchive, contain 8TB of compressed data that comprise of 32TB of internal builds for Windows 10 and Windows Sever 2016 and even software blueprints. This is believed to contain the code for Shared Source Kit, which includes the source for Windows 10\’s hardware drivers alongside PnP code, USB and Wi-Fi stacks, storage drivers, and ARM-specific OneCore kernel code.All of these are critical systems for the operating systems and with their code available in plain sight to malicious parties; the massive leak, which is believed to have been taken from Microsoft\’s own systems, could prove devastating for the security of the OS in the future.

I hope this is true; Microsoft has needed a reason to revamp some core components of their OS for a while (networking without a doubt) … sometimes you need a kick in the ass to fix stuff.

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