Install x86 or leave the pre installed x64 version of windows 10 on the Kangaroo PC? – Forums

I got a Kangaroo PC for my dad awhile back and just got to setting it up recently. I have noticed that the 2gb of ram is definitely causing the system to slow down when I open a couple of tabs on chrome or have other apps open as well. Also noticed it has the 64bit version of windows 10 on it as well. It got me thinking would it be better to install the 32 bit windows 10 on the kangaroo pc instead? Has anyone noticed any improvements with performance with the 32bit version? Or should I just try to optimize the current 64bit os? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

There is absolutely no reason to be using the 32-bit version of Windows in this day and age, other than if your CPU doesn\’t support x86-64/AMD64 and if that were the case it\’s very likely the CPU would be too slow to be bearable anyway (with the exception of some original Core Duos which are at least not terribly slow). If anything, with a modern processor, the 32-bit version will be slower and cause you more headaches (because of the limitations).

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