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i\’m using windows 10 that i downloaded from microsoft. when i go to activation it says windows is activated with a digital license. there is no product key listed. i have been waiting for a notification to appear in my updates saying i can now upgrade to 11. but i just found out i can download windows 11 from microsoft website as well. i see there are 3 options, installation assistant, installation media, and disk image. while trying to find out the differences i saw a screenshot from the installation that says "i don\’t have a product key". i hear if you install without a product key you will see water marks and popups telling you windows is not activated. i don\’t want to deal with that. i\’m wondering how i should go about upgrading. the windows 10 i downloaded never bothered me about activation. will 11 be the same or should i wait for the upgrade notice so it knows i\’m coming from an activated license activation? i hear if you have 10 installed and activated it won\’t bother you about activation, but i\’m assuming this is only if waiting for the upgrade notification. i kinda want to do a clean install, and it won\’t know my windows is activated. whats the best way for me to do this?

that thread says generic product keys will not be activated. there is no product key listed in my activation menu, but it also says windows is activated.

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