How to stop Groove Music from opening every time I sign in to Windows? – Forums

This has just happened recently. Every time I sign in on Windows 10, Groove Music pops open. I must be googling the wrong thing because I can\’t find a solution nor can I see any relevant startup options for Groove. Does anyone have this problem? It\’s driving me crazy.

There are utilities that show you all the programs that auto-start using the dozen or so redundant historical methods that Windows offers. I use Reg Organizer.Besides the auto-start list under MSCONFIG, there are several registry entries that list programs to auto-start, plus there are services that auto-start (immediately or delayed) under Admin – Services, plus there are schedule triggers to auto-start programs that are difficult to decipher ever since Microsoft made a total mess of the scheduler. Nefarious outfits like Google use all these methods to sneak their auto-updaters onto your system.

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