How to Reset the Administrator Password in Windows 10 (2021)

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2. Next, plug a USB thumb drive into the computer, and restart your PC. As your PC boots up, start pressing the boot key continuously.

Note: On HP laptops, pressing the “Esc” key during startup brings up the Startup menu. For other laptops and desktops, you will have to look for the boot key on the Internet. It should be one of these: F12, F9, F10, etc.

4. Once you are on the Windows 10 installer page, press “Shift + F10” to open Command Prompt.

5. In the Command Prompt window, type diskpart and hit Enter. Next, type list volume and hit Enter. From the list of volumes, identify your C drive and note down whatever is mentioned under “Ltr”. This will be your partition name. For example, mine is D.

6. Now, type exit and hit Enter to leave Diskpart.

7. After that, enter the partition name in this fashion – d: and press Enter. This will move you to the C drive of your computer. Note that the partition name can be different for your computer.

8. After that, enter these commands one by one to move to the “System32” folder under your computer’s C windowscd system32

9. Once you are here, enter the below commands one by one. This will rename utilman.exe to cmd.exe. By the way, utilman.exe is responsible for handling Accessibility features on the lock screen and will enable us to reset the administrator password on your Windows 10 PC.rename utilman.exe utilman1.exerename cmd.exe utilman.exe

10. Now, close the Command Prompt window, cancel the Windows 10 installer process, unplug the USB thumb drive, and restart your PC. You will normally boot into the lock screen. Here, click on the “Accessibility” icon at the bottom-right corner.

10. A command prompt window will open up. Here, type the below command and hit Enter. It will allow you to reset the Windows 10 administrator password with ease.control userpasswords2

11. Now, a new password recovery window will pop up. Here, click on the “Reset Password” button.

12. Set a new password and click the “OK” button. You have successfully reset the administrator password on your Windows 10 PC.

13. Now, log in to your account with the new admin password from the lock screen. And voila, you can sign in to your Windows 10 PC without any issues.Forgot Windows 10 Administrator Password? Reset the Admin Password

So that is how you can easily reset the Windows 10 admin password without deleting any of your files or programs. You don’t even have to reinstall Windows 10 to access other partitions. Just follow our tutorial and it will work like a charm. Anyway, that is pretty much it. If you want to convert MBR to GPT disk without data loss on Windows 10, follow our detailed tutorial linked here. And if you have any questions about this guide, comment them down below.

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