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I need help to permanently disable forced updates Windows 10 Home. I tried following step by step instructions I found on youtube, but the damn updates still pop up and force my computer to reset. Can a computer wizard please provide me specific instructions that are permanent that accomplish my goal.

I use Comodo Firewall. It is FREE to use and have disabled all the extraneous features it offers on it, except for the Firewall. Made a \”Custom Ruleset\” and have only allowed Internet Access to a handful of apps, such as Firefox, Steam, etc. The \”System\” process is only allowed Local (LAN) Access, so it can connect to the router for DNS, DHCP requests etc. Though make sure to turn off UPnP on your router as otherwise Windows (the \”System\” process) can request for ports to be forwarded. And that\’s it. Keep it on \”Silent Mode\” so it will block everything else by default.

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