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I got a 2011 mac mini given to me to play around with, unfortunatelyit had a dead HDD and I can\’t get it booting anything. Linux, or windows, off USB.I don\’t have the Mac OS install media and don\’t care for mac OS, I thought no problem, installed a spare blank SATA SSD and made a UEFI windows 7 install USB with rufus thinking I could just boot it and install windows like any other machine. WRONG.On boot I read I am supposed to press alt/option to bring up the boot manager, it does show up . I pick the EFI label with the usb icon to boot from USB. USB drive LED flashes for a few seconds and goes out, at this point the mouse freezes and then the mouse LEDs go dark as well. Shortly afterwards the monitor goes to sleep, while the keyboard caps lock flashes randomly now and again. Left it like that in case it was busy (no way to tell… no HDD lights on a mac, and SSD is silent).What am I missing here? All I can find is people using bootcamp… but that is assuming you have a working OS X install. Others suggest using the optical drive., which this model doesn\’t have and will not boot from an external optical USB drive.

It\’s time consuming but it may be best to install macOS and use Bootcamp to create the Win7 USB installer.

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