How to Force Windows 11 to Open Links in Your Default Browser

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2. Once downloaded, open the installer and click on ‘Install’ to get started with using EdgeDeflector.Configure EdgeDeflector to Open Links in Default Browser

1. To start using EdgeDeflector, you will first need to configure it. So, open the Settings app using the Windows 11 keyboard shortcut ‘Win + I’, switch to the ‘Apps’ section from the left sidebar, and click on ‘Default apps’ in the right pane.

2. From the list of apps, locate EdgeDeflector and click on the ‘MICROSOFT-EDGE’ link type, as shown in the image below.

3. When the pop-up appears, pick ‘EdgeDeflector’ from the list of options, and you are all set. All links you open on your Windows 11 PC should now respect your default browser preferences.

4. For instance, check out the demo below where I’ve opened an article from the Windows 11 widgets panel. The MSN news story link has automatically taken me to my default browser, Firefox. Without EdgeDeflector, this link would have opened in Edge.

  • link from windows 11 widget
  • widget link on firefox

Change Default Browser in Windows 11

In case you are wondering how to change your default browser in Windows 11, we have you covered. Open the Settings app and navigate to Apps -> Default apps -> [your browser of choice] and pick all the relevant link types. We also have a dedicated guide with step-by-step instructions to change the default browser in Windows 11.Use Preferred Search Engine with Chrome on Windows Search

Microsoft typically uses Bing when you browse the web using Windows Search. However, you can choose to use the search engine of your choice using a Chrome extension. Here are the steps to use your preferred search engine on Windows Search:

Note: Do keep in mind that Chrome should be your default browser for the feature to work as intended. You can check the above section for changing the default browser in Windows 11.

1. Chrometana Pro is an open-source extension that you can use to force Windows 11 to use Chrome and your search engine of choice while using Windows Search. You can download the Chrometana Pro (Free) extension from Chrome Web Store. Click on ‘Add to Chrome’ to install the extension.

2. When the pop-up appears, click on ‘Add extension’ to confirm your action.

3. Once installed, click on the extension’s icon to configure it. Here, you can choose to redirect Bing search queries to Google, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, Baidu, or set a custom one.Use Preferred Search Engine with Firefox on Windows Search

And for those who use Firefox, there exists an official port of Chrometana Pro named Foxtana Pro. The steps to get started are similar to its Google Chrome counterpart.

1. First, you should download Foxtana Pro from the Firefox Add-ons website by clicking on ‘Add to Firefox’.

2. From the in-browser pop-up, click on ‘Add’, and Firefox will install the extension.

3. You can then click the extension’s icon and pick your favorite search engine. Do keep in mind that the extension won’t consider your default search engine. Hence, you will have to specify it from Foxtana Pro settings manually.Open Links in Your Favorite Browser on Windows 11

So there you have it. If you set it all up correctly, you will no longer be bothered by Microsoft’s nudges to keep using its own services. While you are at it, check our other articles on disabling suggested notifications in Windows 11, freeing up disk space, and using focus sessions to boost productivity. And if you have any queries, let us know in the comments section below.

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