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This is annoying as hell. First off, why does MS need to put out updates, what seems to be, every 3 or 4 days. I leave my PC on all the time and only put it to sleep when I am not home or at night. It\’s annoying when I am working and I get a pop up saying how I need to update. Or when I am about to put the PC to sleep and I can do this but when I go to the windows menu, I see an \”update and restart\” and \”update and shutdown\”. Yay more updates, I just updated 24 hours ago. Put the PC to sleep and it will just end up getting woken up because there is an update to install. Can\’t stand Win 10. I just want to manually run the updates once every 6 months or so. There is no need to run the update every 36 hours that MS seems to pump them out for every little thing. Some of these stupid updates you have to reboot 2 or 3 times and when I have 3 computers, it\’s annoying and time consuming having this issue on all 3 and having to update all 3 for the 65 updates that MS puts out a month. If I just ignore the update and do it when I want to do it, the stupid popup keeps popping up reminding to update.

*laughs in LTSC*EDIT: Also in Windows 7

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