How to Add Clock to Second Display in Windows 11 Taskbar

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2. After downloading the file, double click the EXE file, and you get a standard installation wizard. Click ‘Next’ and follow along with the on-screen instructions to install ElevenClock.

3. Run the app once it’s installed, and that’s it. You will now see a clock in the Windows 11 taskbar of all your monitors in a multi-monitor setup. As you can see in the screenshot below, ElevenClock has brought back a second clock on my second display.

It follows Windows 11’s taskbar clock animation when you hover over it. In addition, you can click on it to access the Notification Center if you want an alternative to the ‘Win + N’ Windows 11 keyboard shortcut to check your notifications. However, do note that the Notification Center will still pop up on your primary display.

4. From the app’s settings, you have options to hide the clock in full-screen mode, show seconds, data, and time on the clock, and manage update behavior. So yeah, it’s quite feature-rich and gets the job done with ease.Get Clock on Secondary Display in Windows 11

So that was our brief guide to help Windows 11 users get the clock back on secondary displays. Well, while you are at it, do not forget to go through our guides to customize Windows 11 taskbar and get the old context menu back on Windows 11 if you are not a huge fan of the new one with the ‘Show more options’ button. And if you would like to remove unnecessary apps and services, our guide to debloat Windows 11 is what you should be looking at.

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