How to activate Windows 7/8 keys to Windows 10 without installing before 7/29/16? – Forums

Anyone know how to activate my old windows 7 keys without having to install/update to Windows 10?I have 2x Windows 7 Pro keys and the laptops are fine as it is for now. But for future proofing I want to be able to update or install windows 10 after free period is over.Would \’change windows key\’ from my Windows 10 desktop work? And change back to original afterwards. Or do I need to get a different hdd and install windows 10 delete and reinstall for 2nd laptop? Total time spent probably 1hr each.

Are they retail keys or OEM keys?If they are retail keys you \”Might\” be able to get away with activating a new copy (Maybe a Virtual Machine) using the windows 7 key, but when you convert the real machine over you will have to call MS to activate the copy. if you have an OEM key you pretty much don\’t have a choice but to update the machine and then roll back as OEM is only valid for a single machine configuration, if you change to many components the licence is void.

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