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Hello,It\’s time to renew my hosting/domains and I am currently with Godaddy. Normally I would just renew as my needs were quite simple and they seemed to work (for me) – if it ain\’t broke don\’t fix it type situation. However, this year it looks like the cost has doubled on the hosting front and I can\’t find any coupons this time around :( . Additionally, I don\’t use my hosting much and I have a few misc./one time use sites for family (e.g. RSVP for baby shower, wedding, etc.) that I built on .net – hence the Windows requirement. My DB schema is quite simple so I can probably port it to MySQL from MS SQL if necessary. These sites don\’t warrant the $96+tax price tag / yr that Godaddy is charging. Unless of course that\’s the going rate?Any recommendations out there? I just registered to webhostingtalk to post a similar request, but their confirmation/verification email system seems to take a while since I haven\’t received it so I can\’t post there yet. Thanks!

How critical is your application? Home internet is extremely good these days and you can get more than adequate upload speeds for infrequently trafficked sites. If you don\’t mind it possibly going down for a few minutes every few months I would just host it at home.

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