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So I got Windows 10 in 2015, then used the 2016 version for the longest time – Build 1607 I think?I had my settings set to Disable the Windows Defender permanently, I never had a virus scanner, as I use common sense when browsing, and it\’s worked well for me for the last two decades. This also makes the files I work with easy to deal with as they aren\’t blocked by false positives. THIS SET UP WORKS FOR ME, Yes – I acknowledge It may not be ideal for the masses, but it works for me, and I like it this way.Fast forward a few years to Feb 2019 and I got a new RTX Card. And was forced to finally upgrade to Build 1809 of Windows in order to install NVIDIA Drivers, as they weren\’t compatible with Older Windows.THANKS NVIDIA!! :@So that was more or less OK, few glitches here and there, few minor UI changes, whatever.Fast forward to last week, I upgraded 1809 to Build 1903 — and now, despite Windows Defender being disabled, half my shit is quarantined randomly as I work with my files due to these false positives.NO, I don\’t want to add EXCLUSION Folders, as these files can be literally anywhere across many of my drives.I just want Defender to stay DISABLED.Seriously what am I missing, I spent the better part of last two hours Googling this with no result.If I want it on, I\’ll turn it on or install Eset, Kaspersky, Norton, McAfee, whatever — for now I want this 100% DISABLED!!PICS:

Maybe you now have 20 years worth of Viruses that now came to roost.

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