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Hello all,So my father in law needed me to set up his surface pro windows 10 i5, running the latest version of windows. All he wanted was his Bell MTS email set up but with his existing contacts.. Sounded pretty easy, as I am fairly decent with electronics….. well, hours later I am pulling my hair out. I cannot setup the email in the outlook app, NO MATTER what option I pick, it fails or asks for Microsoft security sign in, I use the email and password and it fails (I know the email and password).If I could get this to take, It seems easy to import from that app but I cannot…..However, If I use the mail and calendar, I can setup up the account no problem. I can send and receive email…. it syncs his email BUT NO contacts…. I cannot even see or find where to import his contacts. I tried people, google, adding the account a million times…. I just do not know what to do. Everything works but I cannot add his contacts to mail and calendar .So MERRY CHRISTMAS to all and please help me. It is a brand new current pro, updated, running fine.Thanks in advance

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