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I have this Moto E 2nd gen for over a year now but I have just started using it recently, moving from a windows phone. I upgraded it to 6.0 Marshmallow and proceeded to set the micro SD card as part of internal memory. The phone is unlocked and has just a few apps on it.Just this evening, I wanted to add a few songs but I couldn\’t get the laptop to recognize the phone. The phone automatically sets the USB to charge only. I tried to change it to MTP, PTP, MIDI but only PTP showed up on this pc as a camera. The first couple of times I connected the phone to the pc using an USB cable, I could see the computer tried to install a driver but it got stuck for 5+ minutes then it just quit. Google people mentioned installing Motorola device manager, I did just that but it didn\’t help at all. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it a few times, made no difference. After 30 minutes the computer has completely given up and it no longer tries to install anything when I connect the phone.I wonder if it\’s windows 10 that\’s causing the problem. Any idea or suggestions what I can try to get it to work? Thanks in advance.

It\’s easier just to go wireless, and honestly the WiFi connection is just as fast as USB with most phones.I use either ES File Explorer on the phone to link to a shared public folder on my PC, or Google Drive which I can access easily from both PC and phone.

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