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Hey!I just learned today that I broke my Windows laptop while swapping out the HD (dead motherboard). :(So I’ve decided to buy a replacement ASAP during Black Friday weekend. Not much time to research, when I’d usually research for weeks. :/Have you seen any particular good deals for a solid Windows laptop that is not too old but will last at least 5 years? Min 13.3” screen. I have a 512GB SSD HD I can install myself, and I can also buy and install extra RAM, I’d want at least 16.My budget is (preferably) $500-750, but I can go higher if need be. Thank you for your time.

Dell Inspiron 15 5000 – great performance but big:dell-dell-15-4500u-usb-c-dp-4k60-65w-pd … t-2387232/Lenovo L390 Yoga – not as powerful, more compact:lenovo-canada-thinkpad-l390-yoga-539-99 … n-2423563/Both great deals and storage/RAM can be upgraded.

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