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A friend gave me a laptop that fell of her car seat while driving. Since then, she cannot run Windows.The laptop was on, so I assume the hard drive was working and the impact damaged the internal components.I checked the laptop BIOS and the hard drive is listed there, nonetheless, it can\’t load the OS.I tried with a rescue disk, Windows troubleshooting on installation,nothing.I then tried to format the hard drive and reinstall Windows. The disk showed 0 space free from a 0 capacity hard drive.I tried to boot from Hirens Boot CD, from Ultimate Boot CD, from Minitool Partition Wizard, from Disk Genius, from Parted Magic,… nothing.I removed the disk, put it in another laptop, same result.So I set it as a USB portable drive.After I plug the HGST drive to my laptop, the light of the portable enclosure flashes as if there\’s activity on the disk, however I can\’t feel any vibration from spinning.My Windows Device Manager shows it…ImageEven Windows lists it in the USB devices to remove…ImageHowever, Windows Disk Management doesn\’t show it…ImageI tried Easus Data Recovery, Wondershare Data Recovery, Auslogics File Recovery, Hard Disk Sentinel, HD Regenerator,… they didn\’t detect the drive.Ontrack Easy Recovery showed it for a second, then disappeared from the list.Driver Genius shows it as an optical drive, but that\’s all about it…ImageAs a side note, when I plug the HGST hard drive to the USB port of my laptop, the other USB ports get disconnected. I have a wired mouse and it stops receiving power.Even if I have another USB drive connected, it gets shut down. The other USB drive and mouse get back to work as soon as I unplug the HGST portable drive.I\’ve tried some solutions online about BIOS showing a hard drive but not under Windows, but they all fail on me.I assume the disk is dead.

What\’s the question?Seems like you already know the answer!!Slap in a cheap SSD and call it a day, if you need data then send it in for recovery.

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