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Windows Server imagesPublic images for several versions of Windows Server are available in either the Server Core configuration or the Server with Desktop Experience configuration. Both configurations are available at the following prices:$0.02 USD/hour for f1-micro and g1-small machine types $0.04 USD per core/hour for all other machine typesStandard machine types, high-CPU machine types, and high-memory machine types are charged based on the number of CPUs. For example, n1- standard-4, n1-highcpu-4, and n1-highmem-4 are machine-types with 4 vCPUs, and are charged at $0.16 USD/hour (4 x $0.04 USD/hour).Windows Server images are charged a 1 minute minimum. After 1 minute, Windows images are charged in 1 second increments. SQL Server images are charged a 10 minute minimum. After 10 minutes, SQL Server images are charged in 1 minute increments.

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