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Ok, I give up. I have Windows 10 nagging me that support for my version is ending, and it really wants me to update to the Fall Creator\’s Edition (version 1709). But when I run Windows update, it churns away for 2 hours showing various steps in progress, gets to about 90% in the last step, then says it encountered an error and spends another hour reverting to the last version of Windows. Each time it corrupts the Windows Update database and needs fixing. Each time it shows a different cryptic error code in the log. The error code doesn\’t much matter – none of them are ever explained by Microsoft, and their advice for every error code amounts to a standard rote list of things to try (yes, I tried them all).So I\’m giving up and reverting to a fully functional copy of Win7 on this machine. The problem I started with was that .NET 4.7.1 wouldn\’t install on my existing version of Win10. It installs fine on Win7.I have a laptop that came with Win10, and so far it remains able to update, so at least I can use that if I really need Win10 for anything.In a couple of years I\’ll evaluate whether Microsoft has a new operating system that\’s less fragile than Win10, or it\’s time to switch to something else like Linux or ChromeOS.Microsoft has created an incredibly complex and fragile structure with their system registry and update process that\’s on the point of breaking down entirely. Clearly they are no longer able to debug problems with it – their best suggestion is to reformat and start again from scratch if anything goes wrong.

I\’m sorry that you have been experiencing problems. I can\’t say that I\’ve had many issues with Windows 10 on my system, I\’m already on the latest update without any issues along the way. Mind you I have an SSD and more than capable system, so things update very fast. Windows 10 is definitely IMO the best OS Microsoft has made, and that comes from a person who was a skeptic and stayed on Windows 7 for as long as I could thinking Windows 10 was a joke. There\’s so many things out of the box that makes Windows 10 superior and a lot of multimedia features that I always use.

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