Future 'rug-pull' for unsupported Win 11 installs? | Page 4

I was talking about Windows 7 Professional that is almost in any business and can be freely upgraded to Windows 10 Pro. Even today a 7 key can activate Windows 10 or 11

As said numerous times before, just install an antivirus, update it as frequently as possible and you should not worry about security updates anymore. It is that simple. The real deal breaker for me would be not to be able to run my everyday apps, like is the case with XP and Vista. As long as you can use the computer for your daily needs, I see no real reason to change operating system. Apart from the experience of course. An exception is gaming where you want Windows 11 in order to use DirectX 12 Ultimate on supported graphics cards. If you only game on standard DirectX 12 or earlier, Windows 10 meets your needs.

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