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It is true that Microsoft do not offer a free service for downloading their software products. The only official way is to pay a lot of money to register a MSDN subscription account at present. In fact, it’s not necessarily so. You can absolutely get any version of Microsoft Office/Windows OS from download sites on the Internet. However, the issue is how to make sure files are safe before downloading them. Fortunately, you can easily verify the Windows/Office ISO files using SHA-1 hash. This method makes sure that the downloaded files are intact and original.

After a time, I have collected all Microsoft Office/Windows OS versions. I uploaded them to my MEGA cloud storage and shared them with many people on my Youtube channels. And I didn’t know MEGA limits bandwidth and download speed per IP address until a member commented that he/she has to pay in order to get files.

Although I have Google Cloud account, I don’t intend to send large files to the cloud because the costs of network bandwidth transferred out are very high.

So I go online, start with a simple search “file sharing service provides free unlimited bandwidth” and here is the result I got.

As I know, Mediafire offers free plan (with 10GB of cloud storage space and no upload/download bandwidth limit). That’s what I need. I follow their instructions to get more free space. Right now I have 18 GB of storage to use. However, this is not enough so I create a second account.

I uploaded all (Windows/Office) ISO files to 2 cloud drives. You can get them here.

Note: If you are using Google Chrome, just follow the instructions below to boost your download speed.

1. Copy and paste this line into your address bar then hit Enter.


2. Search for “parallel”.

3. Enable this feature.

4. Relaunch your browser and feel the difference.

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