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Hi folks,I have an MSI Gaming Laptop with the model of GE65 Raider 95D. I bought that laptop back in the Spring of 2020 and while I didn\’t have any issues back then, I recently experience one issue a couple of weeks ago.The operating system that gaming laptop is running is Windows 10 Home Version 10.0.19042 Build 19042 (20H2). I ran a Microsoft Defender scan and there was one file that was flagged by the program: containerfile: C:\\Recovery\\Customizations\\USMT.ppkgfile: C:\\Recovery\\Customizations\\USMT.ppkg->\\ICB\\0\\MachineSpecific\\File\\C$\\Program Files (x86)\\InstallShield Installation Information\\{C65B26BC-5A6F-4135-9678-55A877655471}\\setup.exeThe file was infected with the \”Trojan:Win32/Generic!rfn\” trojan. It\’s a bit concerning for me because even though that my system was clean for some time, there might be cases in which some files get flagged for \”false positives\”. I ran a MalwareBytes scan and the software program didn\’t detect anything suspecious. My ultimate scenario is that I may have to do like a clean install of my Windows 10 installation using the recovery USB that I had created specifically for my laptop (the one that was provided by MSI) or maybe go for the Windows 10 Recovery route. If I choose that route, do I need to know what my product key is for my laptop before I can carry out with the reinstallation? Another reason for thven e ultimate reinstallation is that I need to fix that \”sudden lag spike\” issue whenever I opened a program (i.e. calculator), photo/video file (whether it\’s locally or on a network; I have a NAS drive in my network) or even do an instance of doing the Alt-Tab repeatedly!What particular advice/suggestions you can provide to me to mitigate the issue(s)?

FWIW, 20H2 flagged one of sotfware due to something it was packaged with (opencandy adware) that previous versions since 1904/1808(?) ignored and could not remove.If you want to reinstall, no need to have any keys for previously-activated WIn 10 installation. You can download the installer from the MS site rather than the USB key. Just say you don\’t have any keys when prompted, and choose the appropriate version.

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