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Hello,I cannot find anything on an USBVideo\\Analytic Event log. I do not have such an Entry on my computer either. Perhaps this is a Third Party addition, maybe a Webcam? This Entry is the source of your problem.Anyway, I would begin by verifying the integrity of the WMI Repository. From an Elevated Command Prompt, execute the following command:winmgmt /verifyrepository.This command will either return "consistent" or "not consistent".If the winmgmt /verifyrepository command returns "not consistent", then you try to salvage the repository. Salvage the repository will attempt to rebuild the repository, and merge the inconsistent repository. Use the following commandwinmgmt /salvagerepositoryIf salavaging does not succeed in restoring the inconsistent repository, then the only option available is to reset the repository back to it\’s initial state:winmgmt /resetrepositoryIf you wish, you may also back up the repository before you start.winmgmt /backupFor further information on the winmgmt command seedocs.microsoft.com

Thanks for your reply, I\’ve tried verify and comes back as consistant. No webcam or any new software added only 258 update. I\’m going to uninstall the update and see if cleares the error. Will updat on what I find.EDIT: Went back to 194 and that entry is not there in event viewer. So no errors when using Admin view. will download 258 and see if that error returns.

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