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My PC at work doesn\’t sync time and date from one day to the next.I have to manually update it.OK, I\’m positive the CMOS battery is dead, that\’s why it doesn\’t hold charge for the next day.However, I have Windows to automatically sync the clock with or have also changed the time synchronization interval in the registry in order to update the clock every half hour.Once I successfully sync the clock, the updates run fine (well, the computer is on, so Windows time gets updated normally).The following day, I would assume Windows would sync the time every half-hour with an Internet clock server, but it doesn\’t.I have to manually click on the update now button in order to sync the clock…. strange thing is that it doesn\’t sync at the first click, but after the second click I do on the button AND after I switch the clock server. It doesn\’t work if I pick the same server I had chosen… for example, if today I pick, I\’d have to choose in order to sync the clock, and viceversa.The Windows Time Service is running automatically.I tried running the Atomic Clock Sync program, and if it works synching now, it doesn\’t do it automatically next day.So I tried running Dimension 4, with a bunch of clock servers, but all of them retrieved errors while trying to connect.The only thing that works is me clicking on the update button to sync.Don\’t know what to do to sync automatically.

Just replace the CMOS battery and see how it goes. Some dollar stores have them.

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