End of Support for several Surface devices Surface

The following table lists the release date and End of Servicing date for each Surface device with a defined Driver and Firmware Lifecycle policy:

Source: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sur…ecycle-support

DeviceRelease DateEnd of Servicing DateSurface Pro 3June 20, 2014November 13, 2021Surface 3May 5, 2015November 13, 2021Surface BookOctober 26, 2015November 13, 2021Surface Pro 4October 26, 2015November 13, 2021Surface Book with Performance BaseNovember 10, 2016November 13, 2021Surface Studio (1st gen)December 15, 2016November 13, 2021Surface Laptop (1st gen)June 14, 2017November 13, 2021Surface Pro (5th gen)June 15, 2017November 13, 2021Surface Book 2November 17, 2017November 17, 2021

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