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I\’ve got an old AMD E350 machine set up as a utility computer. I use it for wiping disks, copying files from borked Windows installs, cloning disks, and other tasks. Right now it\’s got an old 64GB SSD that I use for a boot drive. I find I use Parted Magic for most tasks, but I\’d like to be able to run Windows from the same drive, maybe another regular Linux distro, etc.Currently PM boots from the SSD – I had to use LiLi USB creator from Windows to install it since PM doesn\’t have a built-in option to install itself to a \”permanent\” hard drive like regular Linux live USBs. This link suggests it\’s fairly straightforward to copy PM to /boot/ and use GRUB to dual boot it with other flavours of Linux (https://partedmagic.com/frugal-install/), but I mostly want to have the option to run Windows.I love helping people out with their hardware questions, but I\’m hoping for some help here from a software/Linux person, as when Linux gets involved I\’m a complete noob. Any ideas?

What version of Windows? Up to Win7 it would be fairly straightforward to dual-boot, but Win8/10 really wants to use its own boot manager.

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