Do I still need separate Windows Ant-Virus software in 2021? – Forums

I have had some kind of 3rd party anti-virus /anti-malware /firewall software installed on my Windows computers for as as long as I can remember. Whenever my licences expired (around this time of the year), I would look for a Black Friday special on the latest hot anti-virus program and buy a new 2-year licence. This was always a hassle as I was supporting 2 computers in my house as well as a relative\’s.Looking around this year, I see more recommendations to just use the security features built into Windows 10. Apparently this has evolved into a pretty decent and competitive security product. So I removed Kaspersky from all my Windows devices and enabled every protection feature in Windows 10.Is the sky is going to fall in? Am I going to regret this decision? Will all my bank accounts be compromised? Please share your wisdom!

I always been running Kaspersky for years and more recently Norton as it has better performance. Last year it cost me 9.99 for a 5 user pack from best buy. I still prefer it vs Windows and have no plans on changing.

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