Desktop Keyboard Shortcut Keys Very Slow To Respond

If I create a Desktop keyboard shortcut key and run it from the keyboard, it takes about 3 seconds to respond.I haven\’t found a fix yet. Maybe it\’s a bug.

Yes, it\’s a bug, and MS knows about it and has known about it since early W10, but it\’s not fixed yet.Custom-made hotkeys are the ones (usually Ctrl + Alt + a key) that misbehave; not the built-in hotkeys like Ctrl + Alt + Delete.The problem is well described on the Net.Here\’s the easy and effective solution. Clavier + is small, requires no installation, comes with no baggage, is free (donations welcome), is really easy to set up with all your custom hotkeys (but remember that you should undo hotkeys you have set up in shortcuts earlier, before you set new hotkeys; then your new hotkeys can be exactly what your old ones were, except that they work INSTANTLY), it adds nothing to any context menu, it\’s really low on resources use, and it WORKS. Win, win, win.(I used Angus Johnson\’s Resource Hacker to switch out the built-in icon for one I think goes with the other white outline icons in the tray. That\’s entirely optional. I even wrote the author about it and sent him a pic, and he\’s considering using a similar icon.)View attachment 12887View attachment 12888Clavier+

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