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I currently have a raspberry pi 1 setup as a CUPS server.I am able to send it print jobs from any Window/Android/Linux device, BUT only print jobs. (CUPS does not handle scanning documents) I\’ve recently rolled out a Windows Server that\’s on 24/7, so I\’m wondering whether I should move on from CUPS. Question for people using Windows Printer sharing:

  • Can you print from Android phones?
  • Can you scan documents?

I like the idea of moving to Windows since it\’s easier to debug. Currently the Pi is down… and it\’s not getting an IP so I can\’t remote in….I need to find monitor and keyboard so I can fix this….I can do all this, but I use the Windows Server on an almost daily basis so it wouldn\’t be as much as a hassle to debug.I think switching to Windows Server might give me better uptime (but I\’ve never used the print sharing feature in Windows so I\’m a complete noob in this scene)

If a Widows server were headless and had no IP, you\’d be in the same mess.If you have a spare PC to devote to being a print server, and don\’t mind the power usage and noise of it running 24/7, then switch to what you know.I actually find a printer/scanner device that does wired and wireless networking is pretty cheap and reasonable. I have no idea about the security of the printer. Brother refurbs have been great. The choice and prices have been worse in the pandemic … b-printers

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