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I fell for a pretty nasty malware a few days ago. I removed parts of it with Malwarebytes, then for some reason I had the black screen of death with only the cursor and nothing else after Windows login, I had to terminate explorer.exe and re-run it after every reboot. Luckily, I downloaded ADWCleaner, it removed a bunch of stuff and everything seemed normal from then.Until I noticed this Cmd Prompt window popping EVERY hour for maybe 1 sec, it disappears too quickly so I can\’t read any of it and haven\’t been fast enough to press print screen. I did a full scan with Windows Defender, Malwarebytes and ADWCleaner, but found nothing.Is there a particular strategy I can use to keep that comd prompt window opened? It pops exactly every hour from the moment windows is started…

if i were you, i\’d format the drive with DBAN and fresh reinstall windows.You can probably block the cmd window from opening, but your computer is clearly infected, it is not safe anymore.It\’s not like Malwarebytes, Windows Defenders, etc.. are so perfect that it will fix your computer.

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