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I hope this isn\’t too confusing.I run Windows 10 on an SSD and store my data on a mechanical drive. The mechanical drive used to be my system drive until I installed the SSD. A copy of the old OS partition still exists on the mechanical drive but is ignored. I do an image backup every week of my complete system excluding the ignored os partition on the mechanical drive.Something weird happened to my PC a couple of days ago that caused blue screens about every 2 hours so I just restored my disk image of a backup and everything is fine again. The way I did it was to boot to Windows on my mechanical drive and restore the backup to my SSD.What I would now like to do is to backup the up-to-date OS from my SSD to the ignored system partition on the mechanical drive so that, if I have to do it again, the OS on my mechanical drive will be more up-to-date than it is right now. When I booted to the mechanical drive the OS also suffered from a blue screen for some reason so I think it needs to be refreshed. Until Windows 10, I used Acronis True Image and I\’m pretty sure that I was able to restore a partition to another partition. I currently use Macrium Refresh and Veeam Backup and I can\’t find where I can do anything more than restore a disk that will 100% replace the destination. However, if I do that, it will blow away my data partition that still resides on the mechanical drive. I could always copy my data partition to another disk and then copy it back later but that will cause issues since many programs point to that partition to store their data. For example, Dropbox will choke as will Genie Timeline.So my question is whether there a is way to directly clone an active partition to another partition. Basically, I would like to do this:C: ———->X: (currently ignored system partition) without blowing away my E: Partition on the same drive as X.

Use robocopy from C: to X: and hope for the best. And then pull your SSD, make the mech drive primary and try to boot off it.

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